Wall Mounted Wing Chun Wooden Dummy


Wall Mounted Wooden Dummy

Preferred by most Sifus our Frame Mounted Wing Chun Dummy is perfect for the person who demands the correct feel, spring, and return from their dummy. With its low profile frame that only comes off of the wall by 10 inches you’ll have room to spare for additional training devices etc. The frame is made out of Ash Hardwood and can be adjusted to fit into virtually any space. It measures 10 inches deep and 66 inches tall. The cross slats are 2 3/4″ tall, 1 wide, and 66″ long

As with all of our full sized dummies this model is made with the exact same construction method and lamination process. The core of the dummy body is made out of dense heavy Southern Yellow Pine and is wrapped with 1 1/2″ of furniture grade Ash Hardwood. The leg and arms are constructed using 100% Ash Hardwood. The dummy body weighs approximately 80 pounds and the entire assembled unit weighs 150 pounds

Available in any of our eight signature colors